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About I-Space Institute

I-Space Institute, LLC is a research and consulting company that grew out of a research project at the Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Our name is based on the conceptual framework developed by one of our founders - the "Information Space" or I-Space.

I-Space Institute's primary focus is on the strategic management of knowledge. Its goal is to improve our understanding of how knowledge is generated, diffused, and internalized and managed by individuals and organizations under both competitive and collaborative learning conditions. I-Space Institute facilitates and conducts leading-edge research, develops and markets unique decision-making tools, and delivers original consulting services and workshops.

The entities I-Space Institute works with range from universities and research institutions to international corporations and their senior management. Among the clients for whom the team has done contract work are a large defense contractor, two oil majors, a large engineering firm, a major chemical company, an international consulting organization, and the US government. They were all looking to exploit their knowledge assets strategically.
::: What We Do :::
I-Space Institute promotes the concept of strategic management of knowledge. It does this through three distinct activities: research, development, consulting.
We are developing software tools that implement the I-Space framework. Our first software package, SimISpace, is an agent-based simulation model. In a consulting context, this software enables I-Space Institute to go beyond conceptual models and dynamically analyze a client's knowledge-related strategic opportunities and threats. I-Space Institute also does contract work, developing customized applications of its innovative software.